Beinhaus (Bone House)

Bonemeal, Cement, 170 x 100 x 100 cm (2020)

In a historical and also sacral sense, a Beinhaus (Bone house, Ossuary) describes a storage place for the bones of human bodies, in which it is not uncommon for the bones to be embedded in the walls and to form the supporting structure themselves. It ‘s a space – built from the remains, a space for the presence and simultaneously absence of persons. In this way a memory construction is build, which fixes the memory in the material. The word ‘Beinhaus’ also includes ‘house’, but it´s a space for only one person in this case.

The structure is created from layering of sticks which consist of a mixture of cement and bone meal. The body-scanning sticks are an analogy to the work of Rebecca Horn, ‘Messkasten’ (measuring box), with the difference that the sticks in the Beinhaus sculpture are both – the supporting structure and the measuring instrument. For the person inside the sculpture, the time of construction means intense concentration on oneself and a kind of alienation of one’s own body. While a new (isolation) space is created around the person, the move in the inside of the sculpture is frozen – now the performance is fixed and displayed.

The body shape is reproduced plastically and as soon as the person leaves the structure, the remaining (measured) body volume shows a memory of the person.

Many thanks to Laura Czyzewski (Photos), Sehra Cokkuykulu (Model)

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