Carl studied the msa I münster school of architecture (MA of Arts Arch). Also he worked at a department as a research associate and tutor at the msa and received the Deutschland Stipendium (Scholarship) for special achievements. Meanwhile he works in the field of conceptual art in his studio in Hamburg.

After focussing on architectural contexts, his orientation was added by new perspectives on the intersection between architecture and fine arts, among other things initiated by Prof. Marc Mer´s transdisciplinary education. During two weeks of his workshop “Spaceperformer I Think Thing With Thing” at La Biennale di Venezia or through the invitation to participate in the exhibition “Architecure = Art Performing Space” at the Kunstakademie Münster, a connection of related disciplines developed.

Two years of working in an architectural office in Hamburg have been followed by two formative years with the Berlin based artists Johannes Förster and Julian Charrière. During expeditions with them for Julians work “Towards No Earthly Pole” into polar landscapes, like glaciers in Switzerland and France, on Iceland and in Greenland, awareness of our fragile ecosystem has been supplemented and the horizon of conceptual art extended. Working in his own studio since 2019, he likes to research different areas of tension of our time and to translate this perceptions into objects and installations on the basis of spatial, material and physical experiments.