0,007 t

Aircraft Bomb, 18 x 50 x 60 cm (2020)

This object (7 kg) is thematically linked to the work “Körperverletzung” (bodily harm). A bomb can be considered as an object (a space for explosives) build to be destroyed and build to destroy other spaces.

My studio is located in Rothenburgsort, a district in the east of Hamburg. Not too long ago, one night changed an entire urban space. In the middle of the Second World War, at the end of July 1943, bombers dropped a total of 7196 tons of bombs on Hamburg in three heavy night attacks. The districts of Hamm, Hammerbrook, Borgfelde and Rothenburgsort were razed to the ground during the second wave of attacks on the night of July 28th – 46,000 people died in one night or directly as a result of the attack.

Many thanks to Edward Greiner (Photos), Galerie Oel Früh (Space)

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