The Evening Of Reluge

Iron Traces on PVC, 295 x 215 cm
Readymade, 2023

This work is connected to the installation SOL (Something Once Lost).

In order to access the coal to be extracted from open-cast mines, it is common practice to pump out groundwater that is stored in the sediment packages. The PVC foil comes from an open-cast mine and was used for such a dewatering technique, among other things. Traces of iron were deposited on it over the years, which were brought along layer by layer by the draining water. The drainage of the soil means serious natural damage, not only to the site, but also to the surrounding area and its water balance.

With the title “The Evening Of Reluge”, the work refers to a painting by William Turner – The Evening Of Deluge (~ 1843). Both motifs are united by the suggestion of an abstract, evening light atmosphere, which can be observed at sunset. In contrast to the dramaturgy of the Flood (Deluge) described by Turner, the retreat (Reluge) of the water and an accompanying catastrophe is perceptible in the work shown here.

Exhibition View
Verstrickt, Zerbröckelt, curated by Sjusanna Eremjan, Group Show with Jeewi Lee & Fabian Knecht
at Tom Reichstein Contemporary, May 12 – June 24 2023, Hamburg

Special thanks to Johannes Förster, for his strong support.

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