Präparation (Preparation)

Buzzard, Cement, Oakwood, 170 x 55 x 25 cm (2020)

The word Präparation can be defined and related by two word origins. On the one hand the German word “Präparation”, which in the biological sense means the preservation of animal bodies, and on the other hand the English word “preparation”, which means “to prepare”.

In order to be able to start long and high flights in the morning, the feathers must dry before, because moisture soaks into them, during the night. The buzzard can then be found in a sunny spot on a tree, opening the wings to let the warm sunlight dry them – the preparation for flight.

But the natural space and the population of birds of prey as well as birds in general is declining worldwide and is conquered/covered by artificial structures such as concrete. The space for movement is thus restricted. The composition as a stele, is reminiscent of an imperialist standard (Flag), which serves as an expression of a political power structure that carries within it the conquest of space.

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