Nagelbombe (Nailbomb)

Oak Wood, Steel Nails, 170 x 60 x 60 cm (2021)

A bomb in free fall is braked shortly before impact – nails press into the nose of the body and prevent contact with the ground. Nailbombs are explosive devices, which in addition to the actual explosive force also contain nails, these are ejected during detonation and increase the personal injury.

The figure of the nail bomb as a sculpture in space gives the nails back their original function, that of nailing. Instead of penetrating a human body, they now penetrate the body of the bomb, which is made of the material that nails usually penetrate – wood.

The work is accompanied by the quotation “Ob West ob Ost auf Raketen muss Rost” (Whether West whether East rockets must rust) from Joseph Beuys’ song “Sonne statt Reagan” from 1982.

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