Aeon – NF

Natural Stone, Epoxy Resin, 24 x 11,5 x 7,1 cm (2021)

The journey begins in the Archaikum (Archean), which can be assigned to the geological time scale Aeon, the oldest unit in the subdivision of the Earth’s history. Isua gneisses, originating from this period and found in Greenland, are located in the lower part of the figure. These metamorphic rocks, form the chronological start with an age of 3.8 billion years.

In the further course Granit (granites), Schiefer (slates), Marmor (marbles) from different mountains of Europe, as well as basalt as a representative of magmatic rocks from the earth core below Iceland with an age of 20 – 25 million years, lie in the inside, as the youngest natural rock. In the upper part of the object there are Kalksteine (limestones), which belong to the sedimented rocks, found in different regions of the world.

The journey through time ends in the synthesized stone made of epoxy resin, which combines the stones from the different eras. The format 24 x 11,5 x 7,1 cm comes from most typical DIN standardized brick, which is used for building houses and is known as normal format, NF for short.

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